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Wellness Care

Many times in life we aren't in pain, so naturally we wouldn't seek out medical treatment. However as we're learning more about keeping people healthy, we've realized that it is much better to prevent health problems than to fix them. That's why we recommend our patients to see us regularly especially after going through our care plans.


Your body may feel better, but correcting posture is a long term commitment. Wellness care is very similar to getting in shape, both take time. However once you've lost all the weight you don't go back to eating bad and not working out because then you'd be right back where you started.

Through Maintenance or Wellness Care we can prevent set backs in our posture and future problems from developing. 


Some stats to Consider...

  • 31 Million Americans suffer from Low Back Pain at any given time.

  • Low Back Pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

  • $50 billion spent each year on Low Back Pain

  • Most back pain is mechanical meaning its not caused by a serious condition like cancer, fracture or inflammatory arthritis.

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